Appearances can be deceitful … This is what we intend to tell you in this post, what you must notice if you want to buy quality designer furniture. Mega Mobiliario expert Francisco García gives you some tips so you can easily identify them.

-Francisco, for almost 40 years you have been in charge of buying materials in this company for the manufacture of quality furniture. What factors must be taken into account?

-One of the easiest ways to know if a piece of furniture has quality or not, are its interiors. If manufacturers have taken the same care as in the outside, you are in front of a good piece of furniture. We at Mega Mobiliario usually make the interiors with natural beech wood.

-Are exterior finishes also important?

-The outer part must be perfectly finished with a smooth and pleasant to touch finish regardless of whether the client has chosen lacquered or wooden furniture. It is also very important to note that the joints perfectly match each other and that the corners, sides and mouldings give the feeling of being fully integrated with the furniture. As if they were a whole.

-What more elements inform us that we are facing quality furniture?

-The ironwork. If a manufacturer pampers the wood part, he will also make sure that the ironwork has the quality to guarantee a long durability of the piece of furniture and a comfort in the daily use made by the customers. Although it seems obvious, it is not and you have to check that the opening of doors and drawers works correctly, that the doors do not slip and that the drawers close properly.

-From now, we will check the doors and drawers more …

-Definitely you have to do it. The furniture, as a whole, should give us a feeling of solidity and, if it is a kit furniture, the joining ironwork should not be easily seen. In Mega Mobiliario, we do not have this problem because our furniture is glued and our pieces carry in their DNA a craft work. We also recommend that you look at small details such as, for example, that there is no nail or screw in sight in areas where they should not be and that the lower parts of the furniture are protected to avoid damaging the floor.

-And if a piece of furniture is painted, does it mean that wood does not have to be of good quality?

-It has nothing to do because the colour finish depends on the trends of each moment. In some seasons there is lacquered furniture in various colours and in others there is more fashionable furniture in natural wood colours.

-In Spain there are manufacturers of quality designer furniture but what areas are reputed to be good manufacturers?

Above all, the Valencian Community, which is considered as the cradle of furniture ,and the Basque Country.

-There are people who think that a higher price entails a higher quality. Is that right?

-Absolutely not. 

-Mega Mobiliario works primarily with European oak and American walnut. Why these woods and not others? And what do each of them contribute to the final piece of furniture?

-We work with these woods now because they are a trend and are perfect for quality design furniture, which is what Mega Mobiliario manufactures. With walnut we get pieces of great elegance and sobriety and, with oak, we give freshness and design to our projects.

-Thanks Francisco for your wise tips.