Renewing energy next to the sea breeze is a real pleasure of life. Walking along the shores of the Mediterranean, watching wonderful sunrises from the bedroom itself and achieving absolute relaxation with a spa session are part of the magic of RH Bayren Gandia Hotel & SPA 4 *.

Well-being, relaxation and comfort have been the three aspects that have marked this new hotel contract project of Mega Mobiliario to expand the rooms of one of the most renowned hotel establishments of the tourist offer. A sublime experience for the senses is what their renewed facilities provide.

The bedroom is the space where most comfort should be offered so that guests feel like at home. The furniture plays a fundamental role here to achieve the necessary convenience and relaxation.

In the enlargement of the RH Bayren Gandia Hotel & SPA 4 *, under the direction of the architecture and interior design studio of Ainhoa Hernández, Mega Mobiliario has manufactured cupboards, coffee tables, mini-bar furniture, desks, luggage compartments and doors, designed by Ainhoa Hernández and Margarita García.

The fresh and Mediterranean style of each piece of furniture contributes to the creation of an ideal environment for relaxation, where the elegance, quality, durability and functionality of the furniture respond to the needs of the guests and the hotel itself.

The hotel establishment has five different types of rooms, the vast majority overlooking the sea and the pool, equipped with modern and functional furniture to turn the stay into an experience of well-being and comfort.

Different types of furniture design enrich the decoration of the hotel. Furthermore, the furniture has been customized for each of the rooms with different measures, balancing in this way all the spaces.

Each of the pieces contributes to the creation of unique atmospheres in full harmony with the personality of the hotel.

The noble walnut wood used for the manufacture of furniture gains predominance in the rooms, providing warmth and elegance.

The artisanal work of the cabinetmakers of Mega Mobiliario is appreciated in each of the pieces, achieving perfection in the finishes. The continuity of the grain embellishes the fronts and the integrated handles enhance the unit design of the pieces.

All the furniture has been manufactured entirely in Spain with the best raw materials handcrafted by carpentry and joinery specialists. They have been responsible for adding personality and style on each piece of furniture, paying special attention to details and finishes to ensure the highest quality, elegance and comfort.