Walnut is always a success for home decoration and the realization of Contract projects. Its aesthetic qualities allow adding elegance and personality to any room and its durability will also guarantee you furniture for a lifetime. You maybe are wondering what is so special about this type of wood that is highly valued in interior design. Let us examine this in greater detail…

Its different tones and its characteristic graining are two of its strengths. From a light brown, to a dark chocolate, even with shades of grey, purple, reddish or pale yellow, they lead to a wide possibility of compositions. Its texture and natural shine increase the beauty of this unique wood.

Kenia Collection

The walnut adapts to different styles, always providing distinction and warmth. Its combination possibilities are endless. With lacquers in neutral and warm tones you will add character to the rooms with unique and original compositions. Moreover, you will set up the environment you need in a simple way: cool, warm, Mediterranean, sober…

The walnut wood is above all an easy wood to work with and it withstands any type of finish very well. It is a great ally in our handicrafts jobs of cabinetmaking and marquetry to create pieces of huge value as these:

Duna Collection

This sort of wood is also very high quality and really durable. Likewise, it is less sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity in comparison with other types of wood.

Although the price of walnut is high, in Mega Mobiliario we manufacture much of our furniture with walnut veneer offering a very good value for money. An option with which we make this kind of furniture more accessible, without compromising quality and design possibilities.

Hotel Bayren Suite

Since 1980, we are specialised in the handmade manufacture of contemporary furniture in walnut. Our designs are focused on giving all the prominence to wood with current designs. Our carpentry specialists work with different textures and surfaces so that each of the pieces expresses all the natural beauty of the wood.

If you are looking for inspiration about the possibilities and results offered by this wood, do not hesitate to visit our official website, specifically the home collection, contract projects and #EnjoyYourSpace.