When choosing furniture for our home or carrying out any Contract Project, questions may arise regarding the design, style, finishes, functionality and of course, the material with which it is manufactured.

Opting for wooden furniture is a good choice due to its excepcional beauty and quality. But what kind of wood to choose? If you want lasting furniture, elegant, resistant and versatile when decorating, oak wood is one of the best options. Would you like to know all its advantages?

High strength and durability

Oak is a hardwood because it comes from a slow growing tree. It is one of the most resistant and durable woods, so it is very popular for the manufacture of quality furniture and for parquet, among other uses.

Another great advantage is its resistance to moisture. In fact, this type of wood has been used in the past to build ships.

Beauty and elegance

The beauty of the oak lies largely in the uniqueness of its grain and its texture. It is a wood that brings naturalness, elegance and warmth, making the different rooms more welcoming. Furthermore, you can find a wide color variety since the color of the oak can range from a pure white to a warm honey tone.

Versatile style

It adapts perfectly to any decorative style, whether classic or modern, vintage, Nordic, rustic… You choose.

Suitable for all types of finishes

It is also an easy wood to work and responds very well to all kinds of finishes, matt or satin, so it increases its versatility when decorating. Moreover, this type of wood allows finer and more careful furniture finishes.

Perfect for any piece of furniture

The oak is ideal for the manufacture of any piece of furniture with simple lines, especially for tables, sideboards, cupboards, beds and more robust and solid desks.

Easy maintenance

Furniture made with oak wood requires less maintenance in comparison with those made with soft wood. However, that does not mean that you should not perform good maintenance and proper cleaning. Just in case, here we remind you our tips to make your natural wood furniture look as perfect as the first day.

In Mega Mobiliario we opt for European oak veneer sheets for the manufacture of many of our collections. Wood veneers allow the manufacture of oak furniture in a more sustainable and cost-effective way, without sacrificing quality and beauty.

Whether you want to know some of our latest proposals in this raw material, do not miss our Mya collection, in which you will be able to appreciate the characteristics of this unique wood that has conquered the world of interior design.

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