Thus we have transformed interior design ideas into unique spaces.

Bespoke furnishing solutions for hotels, apartments, restaurants, villas and houses are some of our strongest points. Our flexibility is another strong point of Mega Mobiliario. Each Project is unique and different for us. We are flexible and able to adapt to every requirement of specifiers and to the needs of our clients. Consequently, we can manufacture any piece of furniture you need for your Project.

We work closely with architects, decorators and designers in 2 possible ways:

If the client has a specific design, we study it and offer a quotation.
If the client has not a specific design, we provide different solutions with their quotations in order to adapt to the customer’s needs.

On the other hand, Mega Mobiliario can also provide installation and assembly services.
For Mega Mobiliario each Project is unique and each client our priority.
We invite you to see some of our projects already made …