Decorating a loft with style is not an easy task. We face wide and open spaces that make up a large white canvas on which we must express our own personality, properly integrating the different areas of the home showing balance and harmony.

An improper choice and distribution of furniture, give little importance to lighting or overload the space with too much decoration can result in cold environments without taking full advantage of this type of housing.

If you face the challenge of decorating diaphanous spaces, pay attention because in Mega Mobiliario we break down the main keys to decorate a loft stylishly.

Enhance lighting

An ideal loft is one that has large windows so that natural light permeates the entire space. Bare windows or translucent curtains will be the best option to enhance lighting, while strategic lights and lamps will help to complement natural light and should illuminate any corner. Take special care when locating furniture so as not to obstruct the passage of light.

Regarding colors, white is the best option to provide luminosity and to make the space apparently larger. To achieve a warmer style, you can combine neutral tones with some darker colors. Although undoubtedly, the presence of wood in floors and furniture will ensure you a greater warmth as we will see later.

Take advantage of the heights

Normally lofts usually have very high ceilings, offering us a useful extra space. Building an upper floor to locate a bedroom or an office is an extraordinary option with which we will delimit the space and gain privacy.

Separate the environments

It is essential in the decoration of this type of housing, where the absence of walls sharpens the ingenuity to look for aesthetic solutions that delimit the different rooms and converge in harmony with the very essence of a loft.

Using different floor finishes to differentiate areas, using pieces of furniture as shelves to separate the living room from the dining room or the use of glass enclosures to close the kitchen without diminishing luminosity are some of the most used resources. We can also make use of curtains or screens to separate other rooms such as the bedroom, or any other decorative element. Empower your imagination!


Monumental furniture with minimalist style and different finishes

The monumental furniture of minimalist and sober design are fundamental in the decoration of lofts. A comfortable and functional furniture that allows a modulation of the space with different compositions will be perfect for this type of housing.

Furniture developed with different finishes and materials, added to a predominance of white in combination with cream tones or with black will provide sophistication, elegance and strength throughout the space.

The presence of American walnut or natural oak will contribute to the creation of more cosy environments. And if we incorporate handmade finishes with elements of the joinery or marquetry, we will gain style and warmth.

The leather sofas are other of the great habitual ones in the decoration of lofts, as well as the use of carpets for the auxiliary tables and the use of large decorative elements that help us to fill the space.


Encourage space amplitude

Another success in decorating lofts are the few spaces overloaded. We must opt for large furniture to fill as much space as possible and, at the same time, find the perfect balance with visual amplitude. Locating the larger furniture attached to the wall and leaving the smaller pieces in the center will help to harmonize the space.