This type of design furniture are unique pieces of contemporary lines and traditionally hand made. With a remarkable authenticity and personality, they bring a touch of distinction to the rooms as only craft is able to achieve.

To know in detail all its advantages in decoration and interior design, today we show you how we prepare in a handicraft manner our design furniture to create our own and differentiating style, achieving a perfect balance between the artisanal and the current.

In Mega Mobiliario, handicraft is part of our DNA and therefore we have the certification of the artisan company of the Valencian Community. We are committed to providing the first quality furniture with wood from oak and walnut 100% made in Spain, following the current trends of contemporary design.

We select the wood veneers carefully so that they meet all the requirements for their handling and for being suitable for the quality design furniture we make.

Our master carpenters shape each of the pieces with their wise hands, pampering the wood and achieving perfect finishes.

They dominate the millenary technique of joinery and marquetry, pure art for the senses. Through a thorough craft work, they configure unique designs taking advantage of the different orientations of the veins and the different shades of the wood.


The small details make the difference in the handmade furniture of Mega Mobiliario. Consequently, our team of carpenters pays special attention to the continuity and depth of the vein, making astonishing compositions.

With manual sanding they also get perfect finishes, soft and pleasant to the touch, which turn each piece of furniture into authentic pieces of art.

Mounting is also hand made. The pieces are glued instead of inserting connectors. All the joints fit perfectly and being all parts fully integrated, as if they were a whole.

In our production center, the latest technological breakthroughs and innovation merge with the handicraft for the manufacture of Home and hotel and residential Contract furniture, through a productive process that respects the environment.

Bed heads, tables, chiffoniers, dressers, sideboards, showcases, living room tables, auxiliary furniture… All the pieces are made in a 100% handmade and custom way, because another advantage of the elaboration of furniture in an artisanal way is precisely the flexibility and the personalization of the furniture, being able to meet any need of the design and the finish chosen by the customer.

Last but not least, the extraordinary durability of these furniture will allow you to enjoy them all your life. There is no doubt, handmade design furniture is a safe bet.

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