Natural wood furniture stands out precisely for its great beauty and higher quality. They have nothing to do with other types of furniture made of melamine or other artificial components that imitate wood.

In Mega Mobiliario we only use top quality raw materials, such as natural walnut veneer and oak, and, together with the good work of our carpentry and cabinetmaking masters, we create furniture for a lifetime.

But beware! Everything requires good maintenance and proper cleaning. Therefore, today we provide you with a series of tips to make your natural wood furniture look perfect as the first day. Pay attention!

  1. Ammonia and chemicals are forbidden. They are clear enemies of natural wood because they are abrasive and end up removing the shine and colour of your furniture. If your furniture is lacquered, do not even think about cleaning it with products that contain acetone or solvents since they would seriously damage the lacquered surface.
  2. Use a clean cloth (preferably made of cotton or microfibre to avoid scratching the furniture surface) that is slightly moistened only with water. For a more thorough cleaning, you can moisten the cloth with tepid water and a little neutral soap. And do not forget to rinse it well.
  3. Always clean in the direction of the grain and without scrubbing. Try to protect all the beauty of natural wood with its textures and grain.
  4. Then dry the furniture very well with a soft dry cloth so that the wood does not get wet.


And that is it. Cleaning your natural wood furniture is that simple. Other recommendations that you should know to keep your furniture as the first day are:

– Cleaning the dust every day will benefit your furniture.

– Avoid exposing them to direct sunlight. The heat can damage the surface of the furniture, spoil waxes and varnishes, in addition to eating its colour and brightness, among other harmful effects. That is why it is so important not to leave hot containers directly on the wood.

– Protect them from moisture. Water and moisture also cause damage, so preserve them from these elements.

– Be careful with stains. Do not forget to serve drinks and meals in coasters and tablecloths, instead of placing it directly on the wood. Also avoid dragging items above the surface.


Try to use properly your furniture and follow these general recommendations to keep your furniture as the first day.

Lastly, if you ever have any doubt or even an accident that stains or damages your furniture, Mega Mobiliario will be happy to assist you!