In Mega Mobiliario all bedroom collections have a woman’s name. What started as a tribute to the women of the family has ended up being a tradition in this company specializing in designer furniture which is 100% Spanish. Perhaps in the subconscious is the image of women as a symbol of protection, care, shelter and love. Anita, Mar, Alba, Africa and Duna are our protagonists.

The bedroom is the most intimate and personal room. Entering it must be like entering an oasis of peace, where all the pieces and decoration come to an agreement so that tranquillity and calm help you rest. The Mega Mobiliario furniture has been designed with that objective. They are composed of bed, bedside tables, head, chiffonier, dresser and mirror.

Anita was named in honour of the niece of our designer Victor – La Cubitera.

With a sixties look, the main characteristic is the curves in the walnut wood that requires a great carpentry work. The metal feet reinforce the vintage style and provide lightness to the whole.

They are designer furniture made to last, but also to dream. A bedroom in the Africa collection cannot be more elegant. Behind her beauty there are expert artisan hands who have worked putting different pieces of wood in different directions to create patterns. It is a modern and minimalist design where there are no handles and natural wood can be combined with lacquered.

Mar is a tribute to the Mediterranean Sea, because all the furniture of Mega Mobilliario are manufactured in Valencia (Spain). This collection plays with the proportions and helps create the feeling of spaciousness thanks to its landscape head. The straight lines accompany the grains of natural walnut wood simulating water.

If reading in bed is one of your passions, the Alba collection will seduce you. The head has a slight inclination and you can find it in lacquered, wood or combined.

Simple but very elegant.

Mega Mobiliario designs and manufactures pieces of great beauty and quality. The collection receives the feminine name of Duna because it refers to the small hills of sand that form and push the wind on the beach or in the desert. Getting these shapes takes a considerable work of cabinetmaking and marquetry because you have to fit the different shades of wood, but the result cannot be more spectacular and beautiful.

Babies feel happy in their mother’s arms. If we in Mega Mobiliario make you feel that way in our bedrooms, we will have succeeded in our goal.

Sweet dreams!