The house says a lot about yourself and the living room is the meeting point for family and friends. This room is the place where you spend most of your awake time and where you really enjoy the house. That is why Mega Mobiliario has designed furniture to live intensely in this space, the leitmotif of its new MYA collection.

Three trends meet in the living-room: the Nordic, the vintage and the Mediterranean. When you enter the room, it welcomes you with a very casual style reminiscent of the 60s. MYA’s sideboards, tables and display cabinets are furniture that radiate a casual tone and hide pure design engineering to get pieces of straight lines without handles to open or close doors. Formal simplicity in natural veneer with multiple customisation possibilities.

You choose the style because Mega Furniture wants the furniture to be like you. Full of contrasts.

Natural wood furniture with grained and wilder textures is a trend. The relaxed and eclectic lines are imposed on the minimalism and rigidity of the calculated sets. Naturalness is the most important thing.

Regarding colours, the most successful range goes from pastel to greys through terracotta and vegetal tones.

If your work colleague comes to eat with 6 more people, it is not a problem. Extend the table and you do not need to put a tablecloth. Enjoy the beauty of the natural oak with grain depth worked by cabinet makers who know by the touch that the wood is at its point.

The MYA collection seduces young people, the so-called millennials. They are a demanding, very prepared and extremely socialised generation that demands design furniture, functionality, quality and freshness.

The design studio La Cubitera signs the new MYA collection that remains true to the culture of Mega Mobiliario and it offers quality, 100% Spanish manufacturing, handmade finishes and affordable prices. We are aware of the diversity of tastes and needs and the furniture is customisable: units that grow horizontally or vertically, wooden or metal legs, glass cabinets or doors made of natural wood or pastel colours.

Design your space and enjoy.